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A word from our President,

Having been a veteran of industry, 15 yeas plus, I have meet with thousands of merchants from various industries. Most of these merchants ranged from medium size (about $150k per year) to larger size ( $1-3mil per month) accounts.

Despite differences in the processing volume, most of these merchants shared a common cause...
high processing rates in addition to hidden fees and teaser rates.

Unfortunately, the more I have learned about Merchant Services industry practices, the more disillusioned I have become. It is very typical to see unfair, deceptive practices by various processers regardless of their size.

I have always looked for a processing company who operates with total transparency and fairness toward all merchants. Unfortunately, I could not find such company.

CostPlus Merchant Solution Inc is the only merchant services company offering full transparency in processing toward %100 of our merchants — %100 of the time. We are the first and only processing company offering such level of pricing and service. We like to earn our merchant’s trust and loyalty. No excuses or games. No hidden fees or teaser rates. Absolute intolerance for any deceptive or unfair practice. We are also the only processing company offering revenue sharing program to our merchants. CPMS will be the highest model of Price, Service and Quality. Give us a try and if you are not happy I, personally, will refund your processing costs, excluding Interchange related fees.

That is my promise to you.

My mission is to earn your complete trust and loyalty by:
- Keeping our word at every level of our organization;
- Delivering results instead of excuses;
- Being straight in our communication;
- Developing a sales team who truly cares about you and our company;
- Rewarding your loyalty thru Revenue Sharing and Reward Programs

Keyvan Asgari
CostPlus Merchant Solutions Inc
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