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What if you could pay only a flat servicing fee for your credit card processing instead of a rate?

Remember your cell phone bill at the very beginning. The local rates were about 0.45 cents and long distance about 0.95 cents per minute!!!

Today, you pay flat monthly fee with unlimited minutes…

At CPMS we have decided to offer our merchant Flat Monthly Servicing Fee instead of a rate.

How it works:
It is simple, instead of a rate you pay a flat fee which does not increase as your business grows. It is a set fee. You are done.

Flat Fee versus Rate
Flat Fee Rate
Your cost is same every month Variable
Your fee does not increase Can increase any time
Higher volume same fee Higher volume means higher fees
No hidden fees  
No Teaser rates  
Fee remain same Variable
You have a peace of mind  
Your fee remains same as your volume grows  
You could eliminate your fee with our revenue sharing program  
Total transparency  
No need to compare rates any more Keep searching for a better rate
Guaranteed pricing  
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