CostPlus Merchant Solutions
How would you feel if your processor would:

- Share profits with you
- Reward your loyalty to them
- Pay a portion of your fees back to you
- Enable you to get rewards
- Enable you to get cash back
- Pay you every year
- Offer you trips and other goodies
- Give to your charity of choice

What if you could offer some of these to your own employees or customers?

If you feel that you deserve any of these, then CostPlus Merchant Solutions is the only choice for you.  Our CPMS Rewards Zone is designed to reward our merchants for their loyalty to our company. Every month we credit you a portion of your processing fees back to you. You could redeem your points for cash or in gifts. The choice is yours and the pleasure is ours. We really mean it when we say: "CPMS is where your trust and loyalty is earned."
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