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Merchant Processing Rights
1) Processing cost is usually accounted for about %3 - %5 of most business’s expenses. At CPMS Inc, you will benefit from full disclosure of all fees. You will know the actual cost of your statement versus our profit margin. This will help you identify any processor offering lower teaser rates with hidden fees.
2) Many processors claim to be a Wholesale provider or a Direct Processor and so on. However, on many occasions, they are additional vendors, unregistered Independent Sales Organization or agents adding to your cost. It is important to know in advance all the parties involved in your processing environment. Your processing costs will change drastically once you can identify the source.
3) Non Qualified transactions usually account for at least %40 - %50 of most businesses. These transactions are usually keyed or have some rewards or benefits attached to them such as a credit card with mileage benefits. Many processors advertise a very low rate yet they will double or triple your rate on these cards. At CPMS Inc. we do not surcharge. You will pay the actual cost of the card without any profit margin or hidden surcharge built in.
4) You will receive our best pricing upfront. Unlike many other processors we do not lower our fees once our competition has offered you a lower rate, and if do, we will refund you the difference for the previous 3 statements. We want to earn your trust ergo it starts on the very first transaction from day one.
5) At CPMS Inc you will be rewarded in 2 ways:
1) Being a Loyal merchant has added value, every 2-3 years of processing we will automatically review and lower your rate if possible.
2) Make a referral and you can earn monthly residual of $10 up to $20 per account once the referred account starts processing with CPMS Inc.
6) You can process with CPMS for 2 full months. Thus, you can experience our company first hand and if not satisfied, cancel without any penalty.
7) Our termination fee is $199 which covers our up-dating costs. To avoid termination fee all you need to do is give us a 30 days written notice and the opportunity to review any rate comparison made by a competing processor.
8) We will provide you with a loaner terminal in case of emergency. You can use the terminal up to 5 business days without any fees.
9) At CPMS Inc. you will have access to advanced reporting features. You do not have to pay any fees to access your account.
10) Our hiring process is very selective. Account Managers are rigorously interviewed and highly trained. We will stand by their sense of fairness, integrity and honesty. This is how your trust and loyalty are earned.
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