CostPlus Merchant Solutions
Our solutions help businesses online make good on the promise of e-business and expand market reach.

Every year established businesses find ways to use the Internet to sell directly to consumers, and companies are created that need eCommerce capability. As this momentum continues to build, more and more consumers are making online purchases a routine. Yet barriers remain. Half of all North American households have never completed a transaction online, and fraud remains a significant threat to e-Businesses. Whether your business is home-based, in the field, or a new offering needing integration into existing business systems, CostPlus Merchant Solutions can customize secure payment solutions that fit.
Our Product Solutions that fit your business needs:

Assist you in encouraging consumers who’ve never purchased online
As people become more concerned with identity theft and fraud, alternative payments are becoming more important. That may be why more people use the Internet to research and purchase products rather than purchase them in stores. CostPlus Merchant Solutions offers payment solutions that allow customers to keep their data private, while businesses process transactions and realize revenue quickly.

Enable any Web site, any size, with custom or ready-made shopping carts

eCommerce is increasingly essential, and many need the sales data integrated with existing business tools. Secure online transactions can help retailers prevent fraud and enable accepting gift cards, partial payments, and foreign currencies. Whether you need to customize a solution or need technical support, CostPlus Merchant Solutions gets your payment processing up and running.