CostPlus Merchant Solutions
CostPlus Merchant Solutions serves the need of government agencies and utilities as well as businesses dealing with such agencies. These entities have unique regulations to follow and your payment processing solution needs to fit those requirements. CPMS stream-lines your payment processing by delivering time and money saving solutions which help improve efficiency and reduce operational burdens. CostPlus Merchant Solutions can help you with unique needs of municipal, state, county and federal government agencies. We provide you a full range of payment solutions so you can manage your merchant account payments.
- Accept payments at your location, online or phone
- Credit cards, debit cards, eChecks, ACH,EBT
- Elimination of Check Handling
- Pay Vendors Electronically
- PC Virtual Terminal
- Recurring Payments Manager for Routine Payments
- Level 2 and 3 Processing
- 24/7 Online Reporting
CPMS will help you accept level 2 (corporate card) and level 3 (government card). This will lead to an increase in corporate and government sales. Such accounts require a processor that is set up to receive the additional information that is required in such transactions. Let us help you through all of this. We boast a 90% approval rate and can get your merchant account approved within days. We will set it up for you, guide you and support you. No need to wrack your brains or waste your time.

Benefits of a B2b and Government Merchant Account
Generally, purchases made with corporate and government cards do not attract the low qualified discount rate as the corporation or government wants additional information regarding the transactions in order to better monitor card usage. In a B2B and government Merchant account however, the merchant provides his processor with the additional information regarding every transaction done on such cards and yet enjoy the normal qualified rate.
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