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Check Processing
At CostPlus Merchant Solutions, Check processing is a breeze. We have many different programs and options to meet the needs of every business regardless of size and volume. How you process transactions will determine the type of service you should sign up for. The available options are:

Check Verification
This service only verifies that the customer is a good check writer based or not. Checks must still be deposited into your account, and deposits MUST occur on the same day the transaction does. This service is available through most wired credit card terminals.

Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA)
This service approves the check writer and warranties the check. The funds are electronically transferred into your bank account and the check writer gets a 3 day float before funds are debited from their account. It is only available to merchants using the Eclipse®, FD200 terminals as well as some other units.

Virtual Check
This service allows merchants that are using a virtual terminal such as the Gateway to accept checks over the internet. The service works similarly to ECA, and is only available to online merchants. Rates and fees for check acceptance will depend on which service you use, your business type and monthly volume.

Check 21
Check 21 is the federal law that enables banks and merchants the ability to process any type of check electronically. By allowing financial institutions to substitute original paper checks with an image of the item it has greatly reduced the time it takes for the check to be funded or returned unpaid.

ACHeck21® is designed to meet the needs of every type of merchant, whether you process 10 checks or 1,500,000 checks a month, at least one of our products will meet your needs.

By utilizing a desktop scanner and ACHeck21®’s imaging software program, you can prepare electronic deposits and send to any bank of your choice, all within minutes. Simply scan the checks through the imager and the ACHeck21® software will capture the pertinent information and will electronically send the money to the bank. This will allow you to receive your funds faster and improve processing time and costs associated with manually processing checks. You save time and money. We specialize in the following industries:

We specialize in the following industries:
Banks, Delivery Businesses, Education, Governmanet, HealthCare, Non Profit, Utilities
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