CostPlus Merchant Solutions

Advantages of using a Wireless Merchant Account from CPMS include:

- One of the highest approval rates in the industry
- 24/7 customer support
- Effective loss prevention systems
- State-of-the-art point-of-sale technology
- Loyalty and Gift Card programs
- Check warranty and ATM/debit options
- Transaction credited to your account generally within 48 hours
-® for online reporting and support
- Merchant Club for replacement terminals and savings on supplies

Recommended Products and Solutions:

Looking for a stylish and user friendly wireless credit card terminal that works virtually everywhere? The new Way Systems 1581 might be right for you.  The Way Systems 1581 features a new, sleek design and an updated application, and runs on the trusted GPRS mobile network. 24/7 helpdesk support is included with the Way Systems 1581 wireless terminal. The Way 5000 represents a new generation of portable wireless credit card terminals from Way Systems, perfect for merchants on-the-go.  Way System's Way 5000 is PCI PED approved for secure transactions. It is programmable, and allows for 3rd party development of useful features like gift cards and loyalty programs. The Nurit 8020 is the PCI PED approved solution upgrade to the Nurit 8000 terminal. With a collection of sophisticated features and communication options, the refined 8020 wireless device enables mobile merchants to process convenient transactions easily and efficiently at any location.  The Nurit 8020 is designed to provide those on-the-go businesses a highly secure, powerful, hand-held solution with multi-application versatility. The Ingenico 7910 is the advanced, GPRS-capable wireless device built for the needs of merchants in single-terminal and non-aggressive outdoor environments. Equipped with a long-lasting battery for maximum transaction processing and a backup modem to ensure continuous operation, the portable i7910 enables merchants to process transactions at any location with efficiency and ease.
The Nurit 8000 remains one of the most advanced and reliable wireless credit card terminals ever made. As of Early 2008 however, the Nurit 8000 was discontinued and replaced with the Nurit 8020 wireless credit card terminal.  The Nurit 8000 is still available as a refurbished unit, but the unit is no longer PCI compliant. Click here to see our wide selection of wireless credit card terminals or here to go directly to the new Nurit 8020 wireless terminal page. The Verifone VX610 is the latest in wireless credit card termianls from VeriFone. Its powerful processor and flexible design makes the VeriFone VX 610 one of the best wireless credit card terminals on the market.  The VeriFone VX 610 wireless credit card terminal delivers blazing performance, high-end functionality, and exceptional ease of use. The VeriFone VX610 swiftly handles even the most complex mag-stripe or smart card transactions, using a choice of the latest wireless technologies. The Verifone Vx670 is the complete wireless payment solution in the industry’s smallest footprint device, offering maximum convenience and usability. Built with a large, high-contrast display screen and a drop- and spill-resistant case, the Vx670 can be used anywhere, anytime, under any lighting conditions and in any environment.  The Verifone Vx670 portable device is easy to handle for customer-facing merchants, produces rapid transactions and receipts, and has high-level security safe-guard features, rendering remarkable performance and functionality. The WAY Systems' Mobile Transaction Terminal (MTT) is a unique wireless credit card terminal. Just 4 inches tall and a little more than 2 ½ inched wide, the WAY Systems MTT is just a little bigger than a cell phone, but has the functionalities of an advanced credit card terminal. WAY Systems MTT combines low-cost mobile phone technologies with the capabilities of a Point of Sale terminal. With a built-in magnetic stripe and a smart card reader, WAY Systems MTT is the mobile point of sale solution with the most payment options.
EPay allows your retail merchants to process directly from their existing mobile phone with their existing cellular carrier. Merchants are no longer forced to buy an additional cellular device or expensive mobile terminal and then sign up for additional cellular service to process transactions wirelessly. With the ePay program your merchants use the phone they are already comfortable with and use the service provider which they know will work best for their business needs. With all the retail transactions being passed through the ePay payment gateway, merchants are able to view detailed reports, as well as graphs and charts of all transactions for the life of the account. Merchants can also email, download and export their transaction reports. Whether the merchant needs to import their transactions into Quicken, or generate a report of all sales with or without tax for the year, week, or day, they can with the payment gateway. These are all features and benefits that wireless retail merchants would and could not find in a typical, stand-alone, wireless machine. It's a swiper, it's a printer, it works on Bluetooth and it works with a serial connection; it's the W-ePay SC-30 device. This proprietary "little yellow unit" is what helps us transform your phone into a full-fledged credit card machine. The device connects to your phone (via cable or Bluetooth), accepts magnetic swipes and prints receipts when processing transactions.