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PAYware PC PAYware PC

PAYware PC is a state-of-the-art PC-based payment processing solution for small-to-medium-sized merchants. Ideal for any standalone or integrated environment, it provides end-to-end payment processing and a multitude of advanced features through use of a results-inspired interface based on 2007 Microsoft Office.

If you’re ready to get more power, sophistication and savvy out of your PC, it’s time to get PAYware PC. A perfect blend of results-inspired styling and business-driven substance, PAYware PC provides secure, end-to-end payment processing and a multitude of advanced features complimented by an intuitive interface based on 2007 Microsoft Office.

PAYware PC can handle any payment need—credit, debit, checks, gift/loyalty, EBT and more—while providing the comprehensive functionality to easily manage customer records, payment schedules, contracts, payment devices. And with the ability to accurately perform nearly any task such as settlements, report generation and solution updates automatically, PAYware PC eases the daily burden and lets you focus on other aspects of your business.
PAYware Merchant PAYware Merchant

This enterprise-level card authorization and settlement server is ideal for retail, Internet, call centers, and mail order businesses that need a fast, secure and reliable solution to process electronic payments and support EMV chip & PPAYware Merchant is ideal for medium-to-large sized merchants and retailers who need the functionality to process a high volume of electronic payments through any channel and the ability to support EMV chip & PIN. This bank-certified solution provides rapid payment processing that can be tightly integrated with any front-end POS system and is proven to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Easily scalable to meet any business need, PAYware Merchant supports high-volume, concurrent processing, and is resilient enough to ensure business continuity... as well as timely and reliable settlement of collected funds. Because PAYware Merchant can consolidate payment processing for an entire enterprise, merchants and retailers save a large amount of money in processing fees.

PAYware Merchant's sophisticated graphical user interface provides easy access to comprehensive reporting, transaction search, data entry, system configuration, and user management functions. Its detailed log file management system provides a comprehensive audit trail.
PAYware Transact PAYware Transact

For merchants that want total control of their entire payment processing solution – look no further than PAYware Transact. This powerful, highly scalable payment platform was made for high-volume, enterprise level transaction processing for businesses of any size. Need to consolidate payments from different sources, like the POS, e-commerce, MOTO and call centers? PAYware Transact streamlines these concurrently while maintaining high throughput, as well as the highest level of security.

PAYware Transact provides the ultimate in flexibility. Its Java™-based engine is operating system, database, and machine independent, so it can be easily integrated into a wide variety of POS systems, databases, and corporate financial environments, and it is certified by all major processors.
PCCharge PCCharge™

Charge software turns any PC or PC-based POS system into a secure payment-accepting device. It supports a wide range of peripherals, making it easy to accept all payment types including credit, debit, EBT, checks, stored value/loyalty, purchasing cards (level II), Interac, and more. PCCharge is a cost-effective solution for all business types including brick-and-mortar merchants, e-commerce, MOTO, and QSR/restaurant.

Through its intuitive GUI, PCCharge allows merchants to easily maintain a customer database, manage recurring or installment billing, and run robust, business-friendly reports.

PCCharge is a PAPB 1.4 validated solution that features many security safeguards and anti-fraud controls. Through its use, merchants are one step closer to achieving PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and protecting their business interests.
PAYware Connect PAYware Connect

Formerly IPCharge, this web-based payment gateway service provides fast and secure payment processing. Easy to use, it gives merchants and resellers the payment processing control they want without the hassle of managing it. PAYware Connect  is a highly configurable web-based payment gateway service that enables credit and debit payments to be processed from any computer with an Internet connection and Internet Explorer. There’s no equipment, software, or payment engine to set up and maintain, and it supports multiple payment processors in a real-time environment.

This hosted service supports a broad range of merchant types, sizes, and retail environments – from traditional retail to e-commerce. And it is ideal to bundle with software applications, VeriFone payment devices, or a web store front as a part of a complete payment solution. Merchants that operate at retail locations can now leverage the speed of the Internet to authorize credit card transactions in as little as three seconds! By combining the robust Authorize.Net Payment Gateway with Internet Protocol (IP) enabled point-of-sale (POS) systems, you get an end-to-end solution that is far more efficient and reliable than dial-up systems.
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