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The decision to buy or lease a POS system can be confusing and overwhelming. At CPMS, we have reviewed many types of POS systems and have decided to recommend the following restaurant and retail systems.

In order to select these products we considered the following:
1. Ease of use and Reliability: Your POS software evaluations should support two basic factors: ease of use and reliability.

2. Hardware Quality: All software, even POS, comes with specific hardware requirements. Each POS program functions with certain cash drawers, scanners, printers and card readers. It may be tempting to purchase used hardware, however - Save time, frustration and money – by choosing the POS software first, then ask the software company about their recommended hardware and operating systems.

3. Features:
Bells and whistles are not features, do not be impressed by flash instead of substance.
Some "legacy" or older POS companies often cobble layers of features over older features, some of which are no longer relevant. Often this approach is presented in the guise of offering robust features, however this creates a strong revenue model for the vendor selling this type of system.

4. Proprietary systems:
 There are two main approaches to developing and choosing a POS software in the industry today.
"Proprietary" = This software does not conform to open-systems standards, so you are at the mercy of a vendor able to charge freely on service and upgrades after the initial sale has locked the customer in. Not Good.
“Open architecture” It's a straightforward concept: you can cherry-pick features that fit your exact needs and compare similar plug-ins from competing vendors.

5. Startup Cost and Maintenance: Many vendors offer low startup costs but they will nickel and dime later on. Your POS systems should be virtually maintenance free with minimum up keep cost.

6. Reputation of the POS company:
Deal with a time proven and trusted POS provider.

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