CostPlus Merchant Solutions
Our solutions expand the customer base, improve cash flow, and reduce collection costs for services and trades provided at a customer’s household.

Nearly instantaneous acceptance of payments while in the field has never been more affordable, so professional trade companies never have to turn away a sale because you can’t process your customer’s payment. Enabling your employees to accept credit cards can increase sales, improve cash flow, and expand your customer base into corporate accounts.
Professional trade companies offering electronic payment options get the money faster and reduce manual paperwork. Not only do your employees carry less cash, you have easier reporting with detailed monthly statements. Whether you conduct business and transact the sale in person, over the phone, by mail, or online, CostPlus Merchant Solutions provides the affordable payment tools you need.

Our Product Solutions that fit your business needs:

Help lower costs and improve cash flow
For professional services, processing time and returned checks are reduced. Many think they aren’t big enough to accept credit cards or wireless terminals. We make payment processing affordable while strengthening security and providing fraud protection tools. Funds are deposited automatically, and payments can be authorized prior to delivery.

Expand your reach into other markets
With CostPlus Merchant Solutions, you can serve more customers at reduced risk. Rather than keying in credit card information after providing the service or accepting a risky check, process the transaction electronically and recognize the revenue more quickly. We offer warranted options on check acceptance, and some point-of-sale wireless terminals are as affordable as your cell phone.